Identity and Access Management


Never before IT is as challenging as today, with more businesses supporting flexible work forces than ever before. It is important for businesses to allow partners and employees to connect and innovate rapidly. Security plays a key role in today’s cloud driven businesses in collaborating and enabling employees to reach goals with a few or no constraints and dependencies.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) brings secure control over employees, partners, customers and applications on-cloud or on premise.

Identify and Access Management Service offerings: Tecnics provides end-to-end Identity and Access Management Services to manage authentication credentials, users, identity risk and compliance. Tecnics services enable you to manage access to important data and gain control of identity management for your customers, partners, employees, connected devices and digital services, including the relationships among all of them. We offer the following services to bring you the right Identity and Access Management solutions:

  • Okta Cloud Identity Management
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Oracle Access Manager
  • IBM Federated Identity
  • SailPoint
  • CyberArk


  • Enabling single sign-on (SSO) for customers, enterprise and in-house applications.
  • Experience in implementing identity over industry standard protocols like SAML and OIDC.
  • Helping customers in achieving native user authentication and authorization experience across the organization.
  • Helping customers in achieving next generation security practices including Multi Factor Authentications options like biometric authentication, U2F (Universal Two Factor) tokens.
  • Helping customers in implementing password less identify with FIDO (Fast Identity Online) and Windows Hello.
  • Helping customers with large user base migrate to IDPs (Identity Providers) seamlessly from their existing user repositories.