TecUNIFY: SSO for Thick Clients

Maximize your Okta investment and extend Okta's capability to use Single Sign-On for traditional Thick Client apps.

What is TecUNIFY?

Traditional thick client apps, including desktop or mainframe apps, use external identity stores and do not have federation capabilities. Passwords for all these apps are unique and the user has to remember all of them.

TecUNIFY is an all-in-one solution which addresses the thick client use-case for Okta users. TecUNIFY enables a seamless Single Sign-On experience for users, so that they don’t have to remember every password.

Key Features

  • Single dashboard for all thick client and webapps
  • Launch thick client apps without manually entering passwords
  • Launch apps in a predefined order or auto-launch applications without user intervention
  • Launch applications that require multi-step login flow
  • Enforce Okta MFA for thick-client apps via TecUNIFY & app-level Sign-on policy in Okta
  • Assign apps to users by leveraging on Okta assignments features (Individual or Groups)
  • Administrative console for IT for application configuration and credentials management
  • Bulk upload of thick client credentials into Okta
  • Audit trail of all activities in Okta Syslogs
  • Built with adherence to Okta’s Sign-on and Access policies

Key Benefits

Massive Productivity increase
Users don’t have to remember each pasword and enter them every time they log into various apps

Reduced calls to helpdesk
Calls to helpdesk to retrieve forgotten passwords significantly reduced

Improved Security & compliance
IT teams can set complex passwords for thick-client apps without the burden of users having to remember these complex passwords

How does TecUNIFY work for end users?

Users can login to TecUNIFY App with their Okta credentials. After login, users will be taken to TecUNIFY dashboard from where they can access all apps (Thick Client Apps or Okta Apps) with single click without having to enter or remember the credentials.

Do users have to login to Okta dashboard to access Okta protected apps?

If the users are logged into TecUNIFY, they also get a seamless SSO experience for Okta apps.

What is displayed on the TecUNIFY dashboard?

TecUNIFY dashboard shows all the applications that users have access to. Apart from the thick client apps, dashboard can be used to launch Okta protected apps as well.

Can TecUNIFY auto launch apps in a particular order?

Yes. Our PS team will discuss your unique launch sequence requirements and accordingly configure TecUNIFY to auto launch the apps in a sequence.

What are the system requirements for TecUNIFY?
  • Windows 10
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2+
What are the prerequisites for deploying & testing TecUNIFY?
  • Access to Windows 10 machine with thick client apps installed
  • Okta tenant with active users
  • Temporary Admin access to Okta tenant to perform the required SSO configuration for thick client apps
  • TecUNIFY executable is installed on Windows 10 machine