Digi Locker


Tecnics eVault is a comprehensive solution that allows any State & Govt entity to provide for its citizens to store important documents such as Voter Id card, Passport, PAN card, BPL card, Driving license, education certificates and many more in a safe and secure cloud infrastructure. It is aimed at minimizing the usage of physical documents and enables sharing of e-documents across departments/agencies and also allow citizens to access uploaded documents irrespective of physical location.

How it works?

  • Govt will validate and approve the docs for future usage
  • document will be digitally signed for security purpose
  • Each document will be assigned a QR code for easy use
  • A citizen dashboard and employee dashboard provides statistical information about the uploaded and approved documents
  • Documents stored in a centralized repository
  • All the subscribed citizens as well as Govt authorities will have access

Benefits to the Government

  • Every Government record will be stored and secured in a safe and centralized repository
  • Employees and officials with proper authentication can access the records
  • Entire state, including citizens and all government departments, will have a single Electronic Content Management Solution
  • Assures permanent storage of data with required securities
  • Mobile application provides ease of use
  • Safe guards data from natural calamities and unpredicted accidents
  • Saves hundreds of crores of investment with one centralized solution

NOTE: - Successfully implemented for the Government of Rajasthan Demo site

Top Features

  • This project supports Digital India initiative
  • Great step towards paperless governance and go green initiative
  • Every document is digitally signed, this enables high-level security
  • QR code will be generated for each document to enable easy access
  • Centralized document repository for the whole state of TS. All Govt departments can use this to secure their physical records as a centralized repository
  • Citizen mobile app helps to submit the required doc without internet/intranet
  • Repository integrates with all the departments of TS to store and access the documents
  • Citizen documents can be directly uploaded into repository from any department of TS, no need to send a hard copy