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Security & Surveillance

Client Overview:
In this case, our client is the State-of-the-art Control and Command Centre which offers Managed Remote Surveillance Services. Our client provides a complete security solution for Risk Elimination And Prevention (REAP), delivering end-to-end IP video surveillance and alarm management solutions. They offer unparalleled reliability, scalability and manageability of resource and information. It incorporates innovations that provide a holistic approach to decode and analyses all the information and create actionable intelligence. Our client provides services to manage data repository that are created collaboratively by variety of sources and roll out functionalities based on highest priorities. The reports are generated based on Standard Operating Procedures following actions taken based on incident based alarm, thus optimizing the services and providing a proactive response solution. Our client’s Command Centre is equipped to perform a number of analytical functions such as situational awareness of a location, facial recognition & activity of object such as abandoned luggage in a monitored space and is also able to function as a day-to-day operations resource.

Business Imperative:
Web based remote surveillance system
Alert notifications by calls/ SMS/ Emails
24*7 Online service support
Remote viewing anytime, anywhere
Quick Response Team
Organization-wide dashboards
Geo spatial mapping
Data modeling & integration
Simulation & visualization
Domain analytics
Event & KPI management
Incident management
Consequence management
Alerts and directives
Report generation

Solution We Provided:

IBM Intelligence Operation Center was put to use by client for effective utilization and management of transport resource. Locations of vehicle, speed, driver details are regularly monitored using IOC. Any Alerts generated by the vehicles are monitored and handled using IOC.Monitor city-wide issues using Executive Dashboard City executives want to understand the condition of the city transport System, the Intelligent Operations Center Executive Dashboard allows city managers to gain critical insight into issues of city Cabs.It captures information from a variety of sources, such as location of the vehicles, Speed, Alerts, Vehicle make and model, registration number and driver details. With the Executive Dashboard, city officials can log in and very quickly grasp the issues of the day. Filters and displays can be manipulated to gain additional knowledge. Executives can also use this function to help ensure all staff have received and are responding to the same information.Preview card helps the Executive to quick get the details of the vehicle on run time and take necessary actions in case of any emergencies.